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    Post by RSA_AleFlip on Tue May 31, 2011 10:48 am

    Hello friends of AoT! I have come to inform you of the beginning of a new annual AoT tournament!

    I and other RSA members will be conducting it, hopefully give new life to our game which has not been too active lately. I cannot tell you how disappointing it was for me to log on and see only 34 people online, and only one game being hosted in advanced setup. This is a real shame because this game is the best game there is; we've all invested so much of our lives into it. RSA has the desire to revive AoT and this is our goal: To reinvigorate AoT so there is new life for us all to share in!

    With no further ado, we bring you the tournament:

    It will take the form of the UEFA Champions League, where players will have to play multiple games on the tough road to the finals. There will be a group stage followed by the playoffs, and then advance from there to the finals of the tournament.

    With regard to the size of the tournament, do not worry about it being limited by the number of players who register (i.e. if 50 players sign up, the tournament will use a method where 50 players can be accommodated by creating groups to fit this size).

    As is customary in major tournaments, matches will follow a best of 3 format (which I believe I do not need to explain that if one player wins the first game and the other player wins the second, a third game needs to be played to break the tie).

    As to god choice, everyone is free to play with whichever god he or she wants, god choice is not restricted whatsoever.

    Also, it goes without saying that the use of any cheat will result in immediate expulsion of the cheater from the tournament. Anyone caught using cheats will not be able to re-enter the current tournament, any of the future annual tournaments, or any other tournament organized by RSA.

    There will be no time limit. Both Titans and Wonders are allowed, as is also dictated by RTSL rules.

    As for the groups, unfortunately I cannot say how many members each will have, nor will I be able to until we have the number of registered players. A guess at this point would be mere speculation, and not beneficial. Each match is worth 3 points for winner, and 1 for the loser. In the elimination phase, the winner will advance to the next round and the loser will be eliminated.

    Well, despite all these rules, the most important parts of the tournament are having a good time playing the games and having fun together. Remember this tournament is annual, not every month or every semester. Therefore, the winner, until the completion of the next tournament, is crowned as the best of the game and be able to gloat around his signature for a whole year, and perhaps some other prizes as well. There may also be prizes for the second and third place finishers

    The wait is over, sign up and begin the revival of the world of AoT!

    Here you've the link to the registrations.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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    Post by _Reginleif on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:36 am

    Hmmm, this forum is quite dead Sad
    You should post this on this forum - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Maybe you will get responses there Smile

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